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Today’s distribution center is faced with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges, most DC’s now are faced with the Amazon effect where fast paced warehousing requires the most sophisticated solutions to meet customer demands. Our customers are telling us it is important to maintain their customer experience with order to delivery. Employee Experience and recruiting to retention are keys to success, and digital transformation with automation to analytics is more important now than ever. Our hardware, software and services enable your warehouse operations to run at peak efficiency.

Transportation and Logistics

Communication is the most important competency for transportation professionals. It means deliveries get made accurately and on time, and it means customers can rely on their transportation partners. Scan Read Technologies mobile solutions for transportation and delivery keep users in contact with goods and drivers at each point along the route, from pickup to final destination. Visibility throughout the process keeps communication between the shippers, the drivers, and the recipients open, ensuring positive, productive business transactions.

Scan Read Technologies solutions combine technologies like image capture, bar code scanning, and GPS to provide real-time proof of delivery, signature capture, and routing information.



A warehouse or distribution center is a hectic environment. Distribution professionals work inside inflexible deadlines, under constant demand for speed. More importantly, they are under customers’ demands for accuracy.

Scan Read Technologies data collection solutions deliver both the speed and accuracy critical to successful distribution operations. We develops wireless solutions that utilize bar code scanning, RFID, image capture, and speech input – the very best technologies available – in order to enable highly efficient, highly accurate warehouse operations.

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Retail environments thrive on real-time data access to assist with managing the flow of inventory in the back room and serving customers in the front. Retail is a dynamic environment, requiring a mission-critical mobile computing solution and the ability to capture and access information immediately.

A well-designed mobile computing solution and wireless network can support your Retail customers. Effective applications can free personnel to focus on delivering effective customer support.

Key levels of retail delivery systems include managing lean responsible inventory levels. Empower associates to deliver a more connected, frictionless shopper experience. Focus on customers experience. Steam line in store pickup strategy.


The healthcare industry benefits from the increased deployment of mobile computing solutions in a range of areas: improved patient care and accurate accountability of critical supplies and inventory. Hospitals need a way to keep track of patients, to correctly match test specimens with those who’ve given them, and thus accurately report results.

Scan Read Technologies develops data capture solutions that combine hardware, software, installation, and training to enable hospital staffers to identify all the pieces of a single patient’s particular care plan. A single patient’s barcode ID can be applied to every specimen given, ensuring the patient’s identity remains protected but accurate, that they receive the correct tests, and that results are delivered to the right patient.

As more and more geriatric patients become healthcare’s biggest demographic, mobile computing solutions can enable, and support patient care away from a traditional hospital setting. Scan Read Technologies mobile solutions allow secure access to important patient data from home or hospice care environments.

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